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Vilai Viet united to build a sustainable future

During the Team Building trip lately, all members of Vilai Viet participated in G.I.F.T - a planting tree event at the National Forest Cuc Phuong, Ninh Binh. With the purpose of creating a sustainable future, G.I.F.T is the beginning of a series of activities for the community.

Vilai Viet organized an internal planting tree event with the message
Members of Vilai Viet accompanied to create the meaningful message "Green is Future's Treasure"

We are all working our best to build a better future for ourselves. Some hope they will gain a personal achievement, some hope that their family members no longer have to worry, while others hope their children can be nurtured with the best.

However, sometimes we keep trying and forget that abundance is not the only factor creating a happy future.

At Vilai Viet, we believe that true happiness can not lack a connection with nature. Not stopping at building sustainable projects, we want to accompany our staff to build a sustainable happy future.

To make this happen, besides taking care of our working environment, we also have to take responsibility for our business. And Vilai Viet decided to start from the smallest thing: ensure a fresh environment for a better future.

To decrease the bad impacts on the environment, Vilai Viet encourages our employees to have the awareness to protect the earth. During the Team Building trip lately, we organized an internal planting event: G.I.F.T.

Vilai Viet planted almost 100 trees at Cuc Phuong National Forest
Almost 100 trees were planted at Cuc Phuong National Forest by Vilai Viet.

With the key message “Green is Future’s Treasure”, almost 100 trees were planted by Vilai Viet’s members. These trees will continue growing and be taken care of.

Everyone says that we have a bright future. But if we don’t start working hard today, there will be no tomorrow.

These trees at Cuc Phuong will be taken care of.
These trees will be taken care of to ensure growing healthily.

This activity is a small effort Vilai Viet wants to contribute to greening the earth. This is only the beginning of our journey to contribute more value to the community. With care and effort, Vilai Viet will try its best to become a company with sustainable development.