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Adaptation turns normal personnel into excellent personnel

"To be sustainable is to adapt.". This is what Vilai Viet's Board of Directors emphasized at the V-ACTS. 2023 award ceremony: Digital Solutions Make Changes on February 5th. To achieve this, the company wants its employees to constantly challenge themselves to change their thinking, their actions, and adapt together for sustainable development.

In 2023, Vilai Viet organised the V-ACTS internal award for the first time. with the theme Digital Solutions Make Changes. During the award ceremony, Vilai Viet's Board of Directors shared the profound meaning of the award as well as expectations for the future development of the employees. The full speech is as follows:

Our ultimate goal is to develop sustainably. To simplify it, sustainability is to live long and live healthily, physically and mentally. To be sustainable is to adapt, that is an obvious truth. And to do so, we must adapt. That is an obvious truth.

The spirit of V-ACTS. Is to adapt to changes to be sustainable. Applying digital solutions is solid proof of Vilai Viet's adaptation to rapid external digital changes.

03 Individuals and 2 teams were recognized at V-ACT. Award 2023.
03 Individuals and 2 teams were recognized at V-ACT. Award 2023.

Adaptation is to turn unfamiliar works into conversant works. If the Technical Department didn’t dare to change, to spend time and effort learning 2 years ago, how can we have technical bidding documents implemented with BIM smoothly like today? Drawings in Revit used to be a strange definition, but now it has become a familiar everyday work.

Adaptation is to turn unattainable tasks into achievable tasks. If the Human Resources Department didn’t dare to turn over a new leaf, didn’t accompany the Digital Solutions team to adjust, discuss, and respond to each feature, how can we have a human resources management system that automates from the recruitment step to interview and transferring process like today? Maybe in the past, we barely thought that a construction company like us could create our own apps.

Adaptation is to turn abnormal undertaking into ordinary undertaking. If the Purchasing Department, the Financial Department, the Accountant Department and many Projects didn’t dare to step out of their comfort zone with traditional processes, converting the entire order and payment process to Teams and SharePoints, how can we manage these processes smoothly, interconnectedly and systematically like now? Thanks to that inspiration, we are seeing more and more Departments asking to build more automated processes.

Adapt to turn normal personnel into excellent personnel.
Adapt to turn normal personnel into excellent personnel.

All those efforts in adaptation can turn normal personnel into excellent personnel. Each of you should keep this in mind.  

To make this happen, the most important part lies in the determination to change the mindset and actions of each individual. Because thinking leads the actions, and changing the way of thinking requires courage.

Therefore, this year V-ACTS. Award, we would like to recognize individuals and groups who attain this courage. Those who received this award today, please remember that what you are doing will become usual and popular in the near future. So there is a more important task for you, which is approaching unfamiliar, unattainable, and abnormal things to turn them into familiar and common things.

This mindset is not only for those who received the award today but also for every one of us. Only by adapting can we develop sustainably.

Wish you all a peaceful and happy new year.