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Vilai Viet begins 04 new factory projects for Taiwanese Investors

In the 1st quarter of 2024, Vilai Viet was chosen to be the Main Contractor for 04 Design & Permission Packages from various Taiwanese Investors. Each factory has specific technical requirements and standards, proving the professional capability of Vilai Viet in designing factories.

Vilai Viet designs 04 new factories for Taiwanese Investors.
Vilai Viet designs 04 new factories for Taiwanese Investors.

Vilai Viet is proud to start 04 different projects at the beginning of 2024 for Taiwanese Investors namely Wintong Electronics, Weison Technologies, Argosy Technology, and T-Global Technology. In these projects, Vilai Viet will be responsible for designing and permission processing for the investors.

All these investors are technology companies, therefore their requirements regarding technical factors are very specific. Adjusting the designs according to their needs and ensuring the capacity for any of their future upgrades is a challenge. Moreover, the Wintong Electronics Factory even requires the LEED standard. However, with our experience and the support from extensive partner networks, Vilai Viet has found suitable solutions and gained their trust to continue the project as the main contractor in design. 

After finishing the designs, Vilai Viet will also take care of the permission procedures regarding construction permits, environmental permits, firefighting permits, etc. The projects are expected to be finished soon and ready to begin the construction process.