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Vilai Viet continue to cooperate with a Japanese Investor in a factory project

Vilai Viet has officially won the tender package for Design & Build for Fujix Electronic Vietnam, an investor from Japan. In this project, Vilai Viet will be the General Contractor in charge of designing, constructing and legal procedures.

Vilai Viet was chosen to become the Design & Build Contractor for Fujix Electronic Factory.
Vilai Viet was chosen to become the Design & Build Contractor for Fujix Electronic Factory.

Fujix Electronic Vietnam is a popular Japanese company that produces electronic components like cables, wires, etc. The factory in Amata Industrial Park this time is their first factory in Vietnam, marking a new development in their long history of business.

The cooperation of Vilai Viet and Fujix Electronic began in the middle of 2023. At the end of 2023, the representatives of Fujix had come to Vietnam to visit the construction project that Vilai Viet oversaw as the general contractor. Seeing the result of our hard work and the precision in our project management process, Fujix decided to collaborate with Vilai Viet to design & build their factory.

Though Vilai Viet has led many projects as a design & build contractor, this is still a special achievement for us as the first time we get to collaborate with a Japanese investor in this position. Japanese investors are known to be detail-oriented with strict requirements in construction projects. The trust and support from Fujix Electronic are solid proof of the professional capability and dedication of Vilai Viet.

The factory of Fujix Electronic Vietnam will be built in Amata Industrial Park in Quang Yen, Quang Ninh. In this project, Vilai Viet will not only be in charge of designing and constructing but also the legal procedures for the Investor. With a total area of 23,000m2, Fujix Electronic Vietnam Factory is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2024.