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Vilai Viet won the next bid that marked the 2nd cooperation with Deep C

Vilai Viet once again became the general contractor for Deep C, marking the second cooperation with this investor. This is the result of our effort to complete our commitment value.

Vilai Viet became the general contractor for Deep C for the second time
Vilai Viet was chosen to become the general contractor for Deep C for the second time.


Deep C is a leading industrial real estate developer from Belgium with 25 years of experience in Vietnam.

In 2021, Vilai Viet won the contract to build a complex service office - a symbolic building of Deep C at Deep C II Industrial Park in Hai Phong. By early 2022, Investor Deep C was extremely satisfied when they received the handover of a beautifully finished project with the utmost care and support during the construction phase from the main contractor Vilai Viet.

In October 2022, Vilai Viet was again selected by Deep C to carry out the construction work of its project. This time we won the infrastructure package: construction of G road - Deep C III Industrial Park.

The project has started in the beginning of 2023. Hopefully, the success of the two projects mentioned above will be a premise for Deep C and Vilai Viet to have the opportunity to celebrate more projects together in the future.